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The Trades Union Congress
tuc logo With member unions representing over six and a half million working people, the TUC campaigns for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad.

unionlearn logoThe unionlearn website contains a wealth of information and advice to help union learning reps be more effective in the workplace. The website is the place to find up to the minute news, views and articles. The site makes available key materials, resources and publications, many of which are free and an online course directory lists a wide range of specialist training courses for union reps and officers.

unionreps logoBeing a rep can be a lonely job, with 40 per cent of unionised workplaces having just one person to cover the role. This online community brings together thousands of reps from nearly all of the TUC's unions, who use the discussion boards to swap ideas and get help and support on their daily work as a rep.


worksmartworkSMART from the TUC is a one stop shop for everything to do with your job – from legal briefings to careers guidance.  It should be a first stop for anyone with a question about their legal rights, health and pensions issues.

Union Ideas Network
uin logoMaking links between unions and the academic community, this new site is helping to start a real dialogue on the future of trade unionism in the UK. Read the latest research and share your own ideas.


Union Learning Fund
union learning fund logoThe Union Learning Fund (ULF) provides funding to help trade unions use their influence with employers, employees and others to encourage greater take-up of learning at work, and boost their capacity as learning organisations.


Union History
union history logoThe Union Makes Us Strong: TUC History Online is a partnership initiative between London Metropolitan University and the Trades Union Congress with digitised photo and document resources from Trade Union history.



Cutting the Cost of Child Poverty
According to TUC research, child poverty alone costs everyone in the UK £600 a year. Government can find the money to meet the £4 billion cost of meeting its pledge to halve child poverty by 2010 by closing the tax loophole that allows many of the super-rich to avoid tax by closing non-domiciliary status.

It's About Time
about time logoThe TUC's It's About Time campaign aims to put long hours and work/life balance at the top of the workplace agenda.



NHS Together
nhs together logoNHS Together brings together all the health unions (including those who are not affiliated to the TUC - the BMA, RCN and RCM) together with the TUC to defend the NHS.

Pay Up For Pensions
pay up for pensions pig logoThere's a growing pensions crisis. Too many employers are shutting good schemes, and many people now have no access to any kind of company pension. Both major parties want to reduce the state's role in providing for retirement. People are living longer, while the stock market falls. Find out what's happening, and how the TUC is campaigning to Pay Up For Pensions


One in Five
one in fiveSome 5.3million workers in Britain today – one in five – could be classed as ‘vulnerable’. These are the workers that both unions and government have to do more to support. It’s time to bring the problems faced by Britain’s ‘one in five’ vulnerable workers out into the open, and most importantly, begin to tackle them.

Speak Up For Public Services
speak up logoSpeak up for Public Services brings together the TUC public services unions to call for fair pay in the public sector.



Stronger Unions
The TUC’s Organising & Recruitment Team works to support union efforts to meet the organising challenge and organise the next generation of union members and activists. This blog records the work of the Organising & Recruitment team and provides links to news and information related to union organising.

Touchstone Pamphlets
touchstone pamphlets logoTOUCHSTONE PAMPHLETS are a series of research reports designed to provoke debate, develop new ideas and influence longer-term policy thinking in government, parliament and amongst affiliates. They are not statements of TUC policy but instead are designed to inform and stimulate debate on the most pressing issues facing British policymakers.

Working on the Edge
The TUC's campaign for better rights for agency and casual workers